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About Me

I am a Full Stack Developer for Web and Mobile Applicatoins. Currently, I am pursuing my Bachelors of Science in Computer Science with Specialization in Systems Software Development at Stony Brook Universeity, NY. I like to work with small teams and develop great software.

I was born in New Delhi, India and basically lived there for my entire life. I moved to the United States for my undergrad in Fall 2015. My expected graduation date is in Dec 2018.

I am currently looking for full-time internship oppotunities for Summer 2018.

Work Experience

  • Teaching Assistant

    Stony Brook University

    TA duties included conducting lab sections, helping students with programming problems, proctoring and grading exams and reporting to the professor.

  • Backend Developer

    Prime Minister's Office India

    Worked with the Indian PMO, and Google India and Google Indus Developers and mentors to build the first official app for the Indian Prime Minister’s Office. 

  • Full Stack Developer


    Worked with a group of students to bring location-based citizen (crowdsourced) journalism to the masses. Frontend Designer and Developer of Web Interface.

  • Software Developer Intern

    Delhi Public School, R.K.Puram

    Full Stack Software and Android App Developer for the institution's Android App. Worked on a solution for teachers to mark attendance using their mobile devices

  • Freelancing • Enthusiat

    Started coding at the age of 16, worked my way up learning new technologies, frameworks, and languages.

    Wrote Scripts and Built Software for my personal needs, my peers and various clients.

    Winner PMO App Contest, 2015 - 2017

    Relevant Projects

    Flight Reservation System in MySQL and JSP
    - MySQL Database, Tomcat HTML Server, Java Server Pages
    - Modern and Responsive
    - Mobile First User Interface

    CodeCheck | Desktop Java App using JavaFX
    - Helps the TA setup CSE grading on their computers quickly
    - Modern Responsive UI for different screen sizes
    - GUI Extension for the Standford MOSS script.

    Technical Skills



    +1 908 500 0174